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Hiring a skip vs going to the tip

When getting rid of large amounts of waste, you need to consider how is best to dispose of it. Let’s look at the pros of hiring a skip:

Protect your car from dirt and bad odours

Inevitably when you load large amounts of waste into your car for a trip to the tip it gets messy! Often meaning a clean-up operation is required after the tip trip, costing at the very least time if not cost too.

Hiring a skip removes any worry about damage, dirt or bad odours to your car.

The tip isn’t always free

Commercial waste and visiting in a van can rack up some charges. Check out your local tips policy on waste disposal.


Without doubt hiring a skip is simpler and more convenient. We can place the skip on your property that’s positioned well for the waste you need to dispose of. Check out our size guide to see what skip would suit your needs.


No closing time for using the skip! Having the skip there for a week or more allows you to flexible using your time and get rid of all the waste so the job is complete.

Have a look for your local household waste recycling centre In Greater Manchester here.

Here at Horrocks Waste we offer a range of skip sizes to help you dispose of your waste. For more information give the team a call on 01204843372 to discuss the size of skip required, project length and best position. You are also welcome to email any questions to info@horrockswaste.co.uk

What is the process of hiring a skip? | Horrocks Blog

What is the process of hiring a skip?

If you are thinking about hiring a skip for your project, you might be wondering how much information we will need, and what the process might be to get one delivered. We have put together a helpful guide that takes you from the moment you call us to the collection of your skip which is full of all your waste. It’s simple, stress free and the best way to get rid of a stack of unwanted rubbish – so have a look through our guide and give us a call!


5 questions to ask your skip company | Horrocks Blog

5 questions to ask your skip company

You may be ready to hire a skip, but you don’t always know what to ask or what you might need to know before you book. Here are some questions that you might want to ask or explore with us or any other skip hire company before you do so!


What can I/ can’t I put in a skip? | Horrocks Blog

What can I/ can’t I put in a skip?

You might have vague recollections of skips full of mattresses and rubble, but have you ever thought about what you can and can’t put in a skip? In fact, whilst the majority of things can go in your skip, there are some strict rules about certain things that cannot be disposed of in this way. Follow this guide and ensure that you are using your skip appropriately, and that it can all be disposed of safely.


What size skip do you need? | Horrocks Blog

What size skip do you need?

It can be tricky to work out which size skip you might need. You don’t want to end up with waste left over or paying for one that is half full. Get in touch to talk through your project and get advice on which option would suit your needs. Here is a simple guide to give you an idea of what we offer:


Where can you put a skip? | Horrocks Blog

Where can you put a skip?

If you have a project that needs a skip, you might be wondering where you can put it. The last thing you want is to pay for a skip, then find you get a fine or have it removed because it’s in the wrong place or because you haven’t got a licence. There are some restrictions about where you can put them and you need to get the right permissions, but if you hire a skip from us, we will do all the hard work for you. Here is a guide to what you might need to consider.


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